That’s a nice wallet you got there.

Before giving me your money consider also donating to the various free software projects I use in my own. Also consider donating to another cause, like the CIPPIC, A.S.A.N., EFF, or WikiLeaks.

All money donated goes towards my personal expenses, and the projects I’m working on. I plan on seperating personal expenses from the projects at some point, so you can choose either or. My income excluding donations is >$750 CAD a month (>$9000 CAD yearly). If there’s any other information you’d like to make an informed donation, contact me.

Credit/Debit Card

Currently you can use Liberapay. I’ll try to get something more elegant for one-time donations set up at some point. For now you can set up a manual renewal and cancel it.


Bitcoin Cash (BCH): qp8fzw9fmw2junsr5cf55rj3tr9q7kazrczz6p6839


Something else

If you’d like to donate in another way, feel free to shoot me an email or message me.

Thank you for the support :)