You Can Make Your GitHub Account PRIVATE with this SIMPLE TRICK (GITHUB DOESN'T WANT YOU TO KNOW!!!1!) (WORKING 2023) (With Pictures) June 11, 2023 on webb's site

There is a little known option in GitHub not many people know about that will hide pretty much everything related to you without actually deleting your account. Well... except for issues. Those will be deleted it seems. OAuth and stuff will continue to work, and private stuff will as well, but to everyone else your account might as well be deleted.

Step 1

A screenshot of Alex Gleason's GitHub profile, with his profile picture, real name, and username.

Find someone who is cringe, or likes looking at men. Make sure they're an adult, and not a child. You only get to do this once so make sure you choose wisely. Luckily here we have someone who fits both criteria.

If you're all sunshine and rainbows with everyone, and you don't have a guy friend who's homosexually inclined, here's some suggested users to use this technique with:







Step 2

A screenshot of an issue page on one of Alex Gleason's GitHub repositories.

Do they have a GitHub repository with open issues? Great! If not, return to step one.

A pixellated image on a GitHub issue made by @webbongithub.

Here's where the magic happens. Post some hot, sexy, and delicious gay porn. You can choose any kind, but I usually opt for the Poaster Toaster Special. Really you can upload anything that is sexual in nature, it's all up to your imagination. Just make sure it's showing genitals and sex, preferrably bodily fluids. Upload your image to a site like where it's served statically, and put the following Markdown in your issue, replacing the description and link with the relevant information:

![V1 getting his floppy disk cleaned by Gabriel, who is bleeding.](

Uploading it directly to GitHub allows the viewer to collapse the image. That's no fun. You want to make sure their boss that stands right behind them sees it.

Step 3

Wait. If you want to speed things up, you could try reporting yourself. Personally I would just spam it some more because it's funny.

...and you're done!

If you've followed these steps correctly, you should notice a red banner on the top of your screen saying that your account has been made hidden to everybody! Oh, and by the way, you just got your GitHub account permanently suspended. That is unless you chose something other than gay porn and have a good excuse that GitHub support might believe. There is no other way to do this besides violating GitHub's terms of service.

The fact there isn't just a simple button to do this in your account is ridiculous. They already implemented it... just add the button for it.