My dream software license. May 15, 2022 on webb's site

I’ve always disliked copyright. I think it’s pretty stupid and without it humanity can do a lot better.

My dream license is simple: to create a virtual environment where copyright is ineffective. Do whatever you want with my code, but if you do don’t add any additional restrictions. People should be free to pirate, reverse engineer, copy, release closed-source versions, and do whatever they please, as long as they don’t impose any further restrictions in the process. This should be straightforward, ideally only slightly longer than your typical permissive licenses.

To ensure compatability with permissive software there could be an optional exception for copyright notices.

This is not the (A)GPL. Not only is it ideologically against what I’m going for, but it doesn’t allow you to release binary-only versions. I don’t care about what Stallman decided is free, I care about freedom from copyright. Though, it does meet the free software definition according to the Free Software Foundation.

This license would scare off most corporations because they cannot add a software license agreement and would make it legal for people to pirate, copy, and reverse engineer their products.

If I was a lawyer (or could afford one) I would write this up in a heartbeat. For now I’ll keep using the AGPL to scare off Google and other big companies.